The ESUG token has the overarching aim to increase sustainability and offset carbon footprint both for businesses and the community. The funds raised from the Pre ICO & ICO sale will be used to support this vision. With the funds received, we’re excited to invest in commercial real estate that can be transformed into a more sustainable environment. Our goal is not only to generate rental income from this venture but also to finance our plans for our AI technology known as LITY. This carbon-wise alternative is designed to provide businesses and households with a better understanding of their everyday operations when it comes to sustainability and offsetting carbon footprint. Furthermore, our ambition is to become an independent certification body for carbon footprints and collaborate with leading brands such as Google, Microsoft,, and Uber in order to further our initiative and help others reap the benefits of a more sustainable future. ESUG token holders will also be able to exchange to ESUG equity after a 12-month settling period that will give them fractionalised ownership of the profit generated from the real estate portfolio.


Holding x% utility token will give them the right to swap for x% security token. The security token will enable the holders to become profit-sharing partners in the sustainable and developing real estate portfolio in ESUG properties and as well as help to offset Carbon with each NFT burned.


With our planned emission schedule; the supply and demand of the ESUG token will be carefully regulated. As initial funding is fed into our expanding green portfolio, the physical value of investment properties will act as a hedge against token depreciation. Holders will have continued benefits from the growth of the project as well as the moral vindication that their investment is helping to create a greener carbon-free World.